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Best Cases And Covers For Nexus 6P

All good things must be protected. Google uses nexus to showcase its prowess in the android and smartphone worlds. Having released nexus 6P earlier which comes with great specifications and features such as android 6.0 marshmallow, 5.7″ quad HD display, and some really great and loud speakers on the front, anyone would want to limit their losses in case the phone fell down. Thant is why the Huaweii Google nexus 6p has a metallic structure but still with it’s unveiling came a handful of different cases and in different designs.
If you did not love the regular flip cases and snap on cover cases, here are some other amazing and the best cases and covers for Nexus 6P from the leading manufacturers of mobile phone and tablet cases: Continue reading 

How to Access Blocked Sites From Your Network

Sometimes there are websites that you would want to use but are blocked on your network. Most commonly this occurs with college students, company employees or if you are using a public network. Sometimes, some specific websites might even be banned in whole country. So, what if you are in need of accessing those websites. Today we ¬†will reveal a few simple yet working methods to access banned websites on your network. Though we strongly suggest that this article is only for educational purposes and we suggest you not to use this method if it is illegal in your country or location. So, without wasting any further time let’s begin with the methods. Continue reading